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S3 Ultimate Hockey Skills Game!

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S3 Ultimate Hockey Skills Game! 

S3 – Combines Target-21 magnetic hockey shooting targets with RED Cone agility cones. Create fun, challenging, and engaging combined agility courses.  Be first to complete the agility courses and hit three targets (numbered 9/7/5) to total 21 to win! Select from three package choices to create fun and engaging ice, street, roller, or Dek hockey shooting, skating and stickhandling agility games for individuals and groups.

  • Fun: Target-21 grouped with RED Cone is a game. Research proves the highest degree of development comes when its fun! Be first to complete the RED Cone skating and stickhandling course and then hit three Target-21 targets (numbered 9/7/5) to total 21.

  • Flexible: Play individually, with a partner, or a group. Place Target-21 magnetic hockey skills game on metal goal pipes. Create challenging RED Cone skating and stickhandling courses. Three S3 Package choices give further flexibility to design engaging and FUN combined skating, stickhandling, and accuracy games.

  • Rugged: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Target-21 targets and RED Cone cones and Deke Sticks are flexible yet withstand heavy impacts from sticks and pucks, even in freezing temperatures! This material along with Target-21 embedded neodymium magnets and nylon paracord tethers and embedded Cone and Deke Stick screws means continual, long-life use.

  • Convenient: Target-21 targets, with attached tethers, and stackable Cones and Deke Sticks conveniently store in the included S3 draw-string pouch. Easy to take with you and find in equipment bags. Tethers make Target-21 target reattachment for the next shot fast and easy. No wasted time collecting downed targets! Innovative Cone design and Deke Sticks that attach to the Cones allow for quick and easy setup and tear down.