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Target-21 Net Battle Royal Rumble

Set-Up: One set of Target-21 attached to the net. Place three pucks at the high slot. Players line up on both sides of the net. (See diagram)

Game:  F1 starts on the left side of the net in the first round,  players switch every round. D1 starts on the right side of the net first round, players switch every round.  On the whistle, F1 goes to a puck and controls the puck.  F1 must get open and take a shot hitting any target to score points.  D1 must read the play and go to the puck F1 has chosen.  D1 then needs to defend the targets so F1 can not hit the targets. The play ends and moves to the next puck after shot. 

Winner: Your score is the numbers you hit added together.  The one with the most points after 3 rounds wins.  If no score at the end of 3 rounds you have a shoot-off. 

Shoot-Out: Players line up at agrees spots.  Each player gets 3 pucks.  The one that hits the highest numbers added together wins.  If no winner each player gets three more pucks until one has the highest score. 

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